Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drink It In

The trees. The rocks. Meadows and mountains, with picket pins, chipmunks and lizards. Climbing up mountains and descending into valleys. Stopping to smell “the roses.”

The fresh air. The mosquitoes and flies and birds. Sunlight streaming and shining and warming your days.

The lakes. Streams, rapids, and of course, the waterfalls! Full of fish and frogs… Ice cold swimming holes that double as bathtubs.

Drinking iodine water. And of course, the Crown Royal. Eating Cliff Bars, Beef Jerky and Gorp. Cooking coffee and oatmeal and couscous and lentils.

Five days in the back-country. North Country, Yosemite. Away from the chaos and submersed in the simple. Finding happiness in how much burden can be released by carrying a 30 lb. backpack over 30 miles across rugged and miserable, smooth and joyful, exciting and peaceful terrain.

Getting to know him. His patience and kindness. His humor and sincerity. Getting to know myself. My passions and delights. Strenghts, weaknesses, and through it all, perseverance.

Getting to know – and love – us. And especially our backpacking trips. With long conversations on trails. Joking and singing. Campfire meals and late night laughter. Falling asleep while we stare at the stars.

We drink it in. Yosemite. Each other. Life. And it feels fabulous.

2007.07.04 - Yosemite Backpacking Trip