Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Swimming Past the Dock of the Bay

This past Sunday, I finally worked up the courage to swim in The Bay. Because, if I plan to Escape from Alcatraz, I should probably practice a couple of times.

So I joined a group of swimmers who regularly meet at Aquatic Park for open water swimming sessions. Even though I have some open water experience, I decided to stick with the beginners for my first time out this year. The tides were pretty rough, but we still ventured outside of the Aquatic Park cove - the furthest out I have ever swam from shore in the bay - a little less than a half mile.

It was a little scary at first - reaquainting myself with that cold 48 degree water, the zero visibility swimming, not to mention the feel of the current. But I settled in more quickly than I had hoped, and pretty soon, made it out to our buoy before the rest of the group. I was so elated that I peed my pants (wetsuit)!

Our coaches, on kayaks, lead us a little further out than we were comfortable, but we honestly, it felt pretty good. We did a few drills in the open water, practicing our sighting and how to read the currents. It was challenging, but exciting. And luckily, it was captured on film...

I think it is pretty easy to tell which one I am, despite the caps and goggles... And yes, you can probably infer from that huge grin that I cannot wait to go back and do it again.