Thursday, June 28, 2007


My poison oak is everywhere. My skin is screaming, and I cannot seem to divert my attention elsewhere. I cannot shave my legs! I am hairy, and I am miserable.

My Inbox is overflowing. And the message light on my telephone is steadily blinking. All the time… I can no longer find the white of my whiteboard. And there are papers everywhere. I am tired, and I am stressed.

My running shoes have become more of a decoration than a utility. And my stomach is a little mushy. My pants felt looser a few weeks and months ago. I feel gross.

Until you look at me. Or until you kiss my forehead. Then I am no longer cranky. I am no longer defeated or exhausted.

I smile, and I happily sigh. I am excited again. About everything. Despite hairy legs and a mushy stomach and a never-ending job.

I am recharged. Because of your smile, your warmth, your sincerity. Because of you.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Staggering Genius

It has been over two years now. Two years since I decided to pack up everything I knew and loved. To set out for San Francisco. Two years since I cleaned out the closets. Since I started the Craigslist search for an apartment, a job, a new life.

I don’t think about it that much – how ridiculously wonderful it has all worked out. Despite the rough patches. Because no matter how far away you go, you never really can just run away from your past. Eventually, you have to stare it down and tell it to go to hell.

It has been a year now. A year since I met AER. And Puck. Since we found our apartment. Since we made OUR new life. Our life with morning runs and afternoon swims. Thursday night spins and weekend bike rides. Regina Spektor On The Radio and Entourage on the television. A roommate, as well as a sister.

I think about it all the time – how this place is so much better than it was when I started. How much my life, my outlook, my PERSON, has changed since I met her. About how much easier it is to believe in yourself when you have someone there cheering for you.

“Can you see this motherfucking sky? Have you ever fucking BEEN to California?

Atop our bikes, climbing Highway 1. The blue sky above and the blue ocean below. We pushed. We pulled. We floated. We laughed. We sang. We quoted.

So fucking glad, despite all of the heartbreak and staggering, to be in California.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Shoes

Nothing says fresh start like a new paif of shoes. But since I really do have enough shoes - well, almost enough shoes - why not a new a hair color? And sunglasses! Big ones.

I am such a wannabe badass...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pico Blanco

It is Spanish for "White Peak" and it is NOT an easy mountain to climb. Especially when wearing a 30 lb pack on your back! But we surrvived. The 18 miles of hiking over three days. The up and down over uneven terrain from Bottchers Gap (east of Bixby Mountain) to the Pico Blanco campsite. Stopping at Little Sur River a on the way out and again on the way back.

Yes, we survived. And we didn't kill each other. In fact, we're all planning our next excursion already. Check out the pics and you'll see why we're all EXCITED to do it again!

2007.06.15 - Pico Blanco Backpacking Trip

New Beginnings

I just can't seem to keep up, anymore.

With a training schedule every morning.
With all my projects at work during the day.
With television shows at night.
With family and friends on the East Coast.
Not to mention a blog that I so often neglect...

Lately, there is so much life to live and hardly any time to write about it. Yet unlike before, as in last year and especially throughout last fall, I am not overwhelmed by all that life presents.

I am excited. Optimistic. And dare I say it, HAPPY. To be honest, I am happier than I have ever been in my life. My entire life. Ever.

And we are only just getting started...