Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sonoma State Beach - Coastal Camping

Even with a broken wrist, we still managed to camp this weekend. Yes, we had to let go of the idea of kayaking into our site off of Tomales Bay at Point Reyes and embrace the idea of car camping. I know - CAR CAMPING! But we backpackers were quickly reminded that with Car Camping there is WINE and BEER instead of (in addition to?) Crown Royal and Bushmills. So we were OK with settling. But only until my wrist gets better!!!

2008.07.04 - Sonoma Coast State Beach Camping

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Broken Wrist

I am back from my world travels, and without a doubt, the most frustrating trip I have ever been on.

1) Laptop crashed 20 minutes into my flight from San Francisco to Rome. A business trip on the other side of the world without a computer?

2) Cute new GREEN shirt I bought before my trip? I am positive a maid stole it in Rome. OK, maybe I forgot it somewhere, but I really did check under the bed and I thought I had everything. Seriously!

3) London? I didn't really even see much of London other than the 6 blocks between my hotel and my office.

4) Philly? Well, that was actually fun. Like, really fun. Except for the part at my cousin's wedding when I fell on the dance floor and broke my wrist. Yes, I am 28, and yes, I am wearing a cast on my left arm. It is GREEN.

It is hard to type, but I will update everyone on the rest of my travels soon...