Sunday, December 07, 2008

Spain Trip - The Quoteboard Top 20

This post will likely amuse no one but JCB and me. But here we go, in no particular order...
  1. "Yay - dah. Lleida!" - JCB, in reference to anything unexpectedly fun.
  2. "That's OK, I know you love me." - JCB, in reference to his driving.
  3. "This church as a bar!" - Nic, in reference to the cathedral in Lleida.
  4. "This isn't mass. That man is holding a sword." - Nic, in reference to a strange service.
  5. "We're back on track." - JCB, after every wrong turn.
  6. "No more eating at restaurants with signs that have fallen off." - JCB, in refernce to some Lonely Planet dining suggestions in Zaragoza that were BUNK.
  7. "I'm a gracias machine!" - JCB, on his Spanish skills.
  8. "I think I need one of those opium things." - Nic, on the cough drops in Siguenza.
  9. "Margaita pizza, por favor... No, no con jamon. Margarita!" - Nic, on reitterating that a plain pizza without ham is all that we want.
  10. "At least it's not a tapa." - Nic, on the Margarita pizza that came with ham.
  11. "Cordoba - where tortillas are tortillas." - Nic, on the first omellette being an omellette.
  12. "I can't go to sleep yet, I'm not drunk." - Nic, on sober siestas.
  13. "El coche es blanco." - JCB, responding to a taxi driver who asked him if he speaks any Spanish.
  14. "Let's hug it out." - JCB, after each argument about how to drive.
  15. "Adios, coche; hola, el mundo." - JCB, upon returning the rental car in Sevilla.
  16. "Everyone is so Euro here." - JCB, multipe times, in reference to all Spaniards.
  17. "I'm not even Catholic and this shit gets me off." - JCB, in a cathedral. (!?!)
  18. "Oh look, that looks Cathlolic!" - Nic, appealing to JCB's sightseeing interests.
  19. "You look pretty when you're drunk." - JCB to Nic.
  20. "No, I look pretty when YOU'RE drunk." - Nic to JCB.

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jkrunning said...

I'm noticing a trend where many of these quotes are in relation to that poor boy's driving....