Thursday, March 27, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Arms that engulf and calm me.
A shoulder on which I can take a break.
A smile that warms the room.
And eyes that say more than words ever could.

Early morning text messages.
Or lazy Saturday mornings in bed.
Hectic Wednesday evenings at the computer.
Afternoons in the kitchen full of ambition.

Geeky habits and pastimes.
(That I adore.)
Interests and knowledge of which I am envious.
Unbelievably hilarious stories.

Kindness unparalleled.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boarder Babes

It took six and a half hours, but we did finally make it to Tahoe Friday night. We climbed into bed around 2:30 AM and because there was a fresh coat of powder six-twelve inches deep on the mountains, we even woke up at 7:00 AM.

And because I am now too brave on a snowboard for my own good, I let them take me down Headwall. It was a sheet of ice, and I hated every minute of it, but I got down. And later on, we went down KT. Chute 75! It’s only like the steepest chute in all of Squaw. (So says AER. Who is not to be argued with while on a snowboard.) And what’s craziest, is that I only face planted once. Once!

Day 2 was pretty windy, so we headed to Northstar, where the wind is often not as bad due to the position of the mountains. We spent the day on the backside, only going down Black Diamonds. In and out of the trees. I hung at the back of the pack for most of the runs, but I did make it down before them once. Twice. I think…

I have always wanted to learn how to snowboard. And more, I have always wanted to be good. I won’t say I’m “good” yet, but I am pretty pleased with myself for keeping up with AER and LV for nearly an entire weekend.

Thank you, AER and LV, for pushing and pulling me down those mountains the past two seasons. There was a point on Sunday, when all four of us were flying down the mountain, when I just couldn’t have been more impressed with your strength and ambition. And to realize I also share those traits with you? Well that was just freaking awe inspiring.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Brick Wall

I haven't been consistently posting. Or training, for that matter. But I haven't been all that inconsistent, either. (And I cherish those small victories!)

Yesterday I completed my first brick workout of the season. And by the end of it, I felt not so much like a Brick House, but more like a Brick Wall. I completed a 42 mile ride (Paradise Loop) and followed it up with a 4.25 mile run.

The ride was great. I finished Paradise Loop - lots of rolling hills - in 2:40. And I felt fabulous, even climbing those last few annoying hills up Polk Street to get back home. And while the run wasn't terrible, it make me contemplate why I tell everyone I like triathlon so much.

Because yesterday's run felt like barely a jog. A pretty grueling four miles. And throughout all 39 minutes of it, I thought about how I'm a much better swimmer when I don't have to be in open water. A much better biker when it doesn't follow a swim. A much better runner when it doesn't follow a ride.

On the other hand, if I really gained so much pleasure from only doing things that I was good at doing, I probably wouldn't have learned to swim and ride and run in the first place. So, I guess it is time to sack up and bulldoze down this brick wall. I have some triathlons that I don't want to just finish, but finish well. With strength. And smiles.